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Design Impact (DI) was founded in 2009 at the intersection of design and social change. Ten years and over 300 projects later, DI’s mission of building an equitable future, together still resonates as strongly as ever. As a learning organization, we’ve iterated on our model over the years so that our work is as thoughtful, sustainable, and impactful as possible. Browse the slideshow below to see one highlight from each year and learn more about the evolving nature of our work.


Design Impact started out as two people and a prototype in India. Thanks to a transformative investment from an innovation design firm, Kaleidoscope, Kate Hanisian and Ramsey Ford were able to shape what would become DI. Kate and Ramsey's interest and experience in international work led them to their first partner, a community-led NGO in southern India called ODAM. In fall 2009, we obtained our 501(c)3 status and officially became a nonprofit.

Ramsey Ford and Kate Hanisian, co-founders of Design Impact, in the early stages of planning Design Impact, India.


See visions of the future through art canvases

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