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Dear friends of Design Impact,


We’re so happy you’re here.


The past ten years have taught us a lot about letting go, showing up, and listening to our greatest teacher: the work itself. We are deeply excited to share this journey of growth and learning with you. This labor of love you're visiting here includes a visual journey through the years, a breakdown of what drives our work, a look at how our organization operates, as well as a love letter to the thousands of partners we’ve met along the way.  

Instead of a traditional letter from the executive director, we thought it would be more
our style
if the letter came from all of us, the DI team. Please take a moment to hear from each member of our twelve-person team to learn a bit about what these years have meant to us — what we
 are committing to, what we’ll bring along with us, why this is hard, and what we hope the future looks like if we keep on keepin’ on.


Thanks for walking with us.


Hear our thoughts, hopes, and voicesThe Design Impact Team
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We are bringing creativity, hope, and leadership to design an equitable future.

We are bringing unwavering commitment to design an equitable future.

We are bringing our true selves, flaws and all, to design an equitable future.


The future will be just and whole when leadership and power are shared.

The future will be full of hope and possibility when we deeply listen to and honor each other's lived experience.

The future will be more accepting and less filled with hate when we learn to lead and operate with love.

The hardest part is the self, but that is the work.


The hardest part is unlearning entrenched patterns of domination but that is the first step toward transformation.


The hardest part is trying to create that which we cannot see and have not experienced, but that is also where the hope lies – in the possibilities.


We are going to deepen our focus on changing mindsets to make progress against the most intractable problems facing our communities.

We are going to deepen our courage in order to fight inequity.

We are doing to deepen our commitment to creativity, equity, and leadership in order to create sustainable social change.

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